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The beautiful and historic surroundings of Deal, Sandwich and Dover within England's south coast are the backdrop to an annual Festival that celebrates great classical and contemporary music from some of the world's finest music-makers, as well as literature, theatre, opera, cinema, dance and the visual arts.


2017 will mark the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Deal Festival of Music & The Arts. Today it is one of the landmarks of the English music festival scene and a treasured East Kent institution, bringing music and arts lovers from far and wide to enjoy concerts and other events from world-class artists in an eclectic selection of venues and settings.


Deal Festival is proud to be able to present the programme that we do, one that dares to be that bit different and is happy to be truly engaging and friendly.  We are fortunate to receive the support of so many trusts, foundations, individuals and organisations, not least Arts Council England, whose significant support for our festival and education work is critical.  Enjoy!


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Audience members who booked tickets for Hamlet at Dover Castle are invited by The Changeling Theatre Company to attend their performances at Swarling Manor (25/7) Fordwich (26/7) & Folkestone Amphitheatre (this Sunday 5pm). Entry only with a ticket from Dover Castle (Folkestone Amphitheatre no ticket required) Please contact via changeling-theatre.com to arrange for Fordwich & Swarling.

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